Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Seth's Name in the Sand at Sunset

I have met several angel mommy's online since Seth passed away.  A common theme among us is to honor our baby's life.  One of the ways several of these mommy's have chose to do this is by writing their baby's name in a variety of creative ways.  I have seen baby names written in the sand, in the snow, by a waterfall, on a pumpkin, on a plague., etc.  I really like this idea and I have decided to do the same at least for this first year without Seth.  I have a page above "Seth's Name Gallery" that includes all the ways I have written his name so far. 

This is Seth's name written in the sand at sunset in Australia :-) The angel mommy who wrote Seth's name and took the picture is named Carly.  Carly's son Christian was stillborn in 2007.  She had a dream about her son after his death and was inspired by the dream to write babies names in the sand to honor their memory.  You can read more about her story here.

If you would like to visit Seth's Name Memorial on her site go here.

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  1. It's always wonderful to see your baby's name