Finding Comfort After Baby Loss

If you have found this page because your baby has died, I am so sorry you had to say goodbye to your son or daughter.  I too know the tremendous pain and I understand just how much your miss your baby.  The one you hoped for, prayed for, and carried close to your heart. 

Following the loss of my son, Seth I was searching for comfort. For me, I needed tangible means of comfort.  All I had left of my baby was a memory of his spirit, his body was no longer mine to hold.  I needed something tangible to hold.  The following is my collection of comfort items in memory of my son, Seth Josiah.  Many of them were created by fellow baby loss moms.

Eden's Wings bracelet picture to come soon  picture to come soon

My 7 lb. 6 oz. Seth Bear from Molly Bears

Seth's footprints sweetly made into a necklace.  I purchased this from Etsy.

The white bear is a Comfort Bear from Sufficient Grace Ministries
 and the tan bear is the bear I picked out to join Seth so he was not alone. 
 I love to think I can hold this bear while its replica is holding Seth's sweet body. 

A sweet pendant of my baby boy created by Celia at In Our Heart Pendants

A plaque so I could see his name and believe his was mine even for a short while.

Seth's name in the sunset.  Now I find comfort too in the sunset. 
The beauty of colors reminds me I was held a beautiful baby boy in my womb.
This was made by Carly at

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