Behind the Blog

A Piece of My Heart in Heaven started as I desparetely needed a place to process the grief of losing my sixth child, Seth Josiah, shortly before his birth at 39 weeks.  He was stillborn on March 18, 2012.  I was devastated and so full of pain I could barely breath.  I found that writing helped me to release some of the grief that was suffocating me.  It became a safe place to share my thoughts, emotions, and fears. 

It is here that I chronicled how I learned how to dance around in grief as I tried to arabesque my way back to somesort of joy.  Because I have learned that grief and joy can actually two step together as if they have a right too. 

I am a mommy to six children.  My Seth Josiah now dances with Jesus and my other 5 children cause me to smile even when I am incredibly sad.   I have a daughter who is 16, a son who is 8, a daughter who is 6, a son who is 5, and a son who is 3.  So you see I do have 6 beautiful children....5 sunshine babies here on earth and 1 precious baby boy  in heaven.

Welcome to my little place in the virtual world.  This blog began as a place to write, share, process my grief.  It was in that journey I realized how much I loved writing.  It is transforming to a place that also chronicles living again.  Join me as I dance around in grief and joy.  I desire to capture the beauty and blessings of my life.  I pray that God will find glory even here.  I desire to take His hand and dance as He makes something beautiful out of me. 

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